Budapest Walking Tours

Getting Around The City: Budapest Walking Tours

Walking tours in Budapest are the best way to get around the city and to access many of the Budapest sights and attractions on offer. Thankfully, Budapest is a relatively small city and it isn’t hard work to go around on foot!

Strolling around is a popular way to see the city and one of the top things to do for tourists and locals. It is really the perfect way to discover a wealth of things that you can’t always find in guidebooks!

What Are The Advantages of Budapest Walking Tours?

  • I guess that one of the main advantages to walking tours in the city is the relatively low costs – there are several companies that organize guided Budapest walking tours at very affordable prices, you can even get involved with the free walking tours that the Budapest Card has to offer.
  • You can get close and personal with some of the city’s finest sights such as the Buda Castle, the Royal Palace and best of all – the secret places that only the locals know about. There will be lots of surprises as you wander around the city streets.
  • Travelers and locals alike will agree over and over again that Budapest walking tours are the most enjoyable means for sightseeing in this dazzling city.
    Sometimes a city can be overwhelming – especially if it is your first visit and by choosing a walking tour with an established company you can trust that the itinerary will be up to date and include the sights that you want to see.
    The guides live and breathe Budapest, so they are ready to show you around and answer any questions you may have.
  • Alternatively, there are just as many walking tours that you can easily navigate alone should you not be keen on joining up with a group of strangers. Budapest is quite easy to wander around and the advantages of going on a walking tour without a guide is the flexibility and the plus of going at your own leisurely pace.

What Budapest Walking Tours are Available in the City?

For those of you who prefer walking as to other means of travel, we have some suggested walking tours for you that will point you in all the right directions – I can guarantee you won’t miss out one thing! For the meantime though, here are some types of Budapest walking tours that you can expect from one of Europe’s mos treasured cities. Many walking tours are based on a theme so that you can choose the best tours to suit your individual interests.


Budapest  All in One Walking Tour

In the All in One  Budapest walking tour, your local guide takes you to places where locals hang out, eat and shop. Places such as artistic districts, marketplaces, restaurants and bars, charming streets, libraries, buildings and parks.

Must see highlights (the Castle District, the Basilica, the old Jewish district, the Andrássy avenue, the Opera House, the Millennium Underground, the Heroes’ Square…etc)are also included, but your guide will take you as well to discover locals ‘ favorite places.

Detailed information on prices and time.

Budapest Delicatessen Tour

If you are interested in discovering the real Hungarian food, eating where locals eat and what they eat, then I recommend you take the Budapest Delicatessen Tour. During this tour your guide takes to places that only locals know and love.

The tour goes through four stages of “picks and bites” to give you a sample of the most representative Hungarian specialties. You will pop at The Central Market Hall for ‘Lángos’. Popular Ruin Bar for the most traditional Hungarian shot, Pálinka and local snacks, at a‘Hentes’ (butcher) for the best Hungarian sausages and pickles)and a traditional classic coffee house for the most representative Hungarian pastries.

More information on the Delicatessen Tour

Budapest Night Walking Tour

There is one thing you shouldn’t miss when visiting Budapest and it is its night amazing scenery. Budapest by night, specially along the Danube river is spectacular. There are several Night Walking Tours combined with a river cruise trip available for all those who would like to appreciate the best of Budapest by night.

Budapest Night Walking Tour detailed information

 Budapest Photography Walking Tour

This tour gives you the opportunity to discover Budapest with a professional local photographer guide who will show you the best places along the Danube, Buda Castle, Tabán and Géllert Hill to take the best shots, as well as lots of photography tricks. This tour gives you the opportunity to see the beauty and amazing scenery of Budapest and learn how to take wonderful photographs.

More information on the Photography Walking Tour

 Budapest Communist Time Private Tour

If you are interested in Hungarian History, this tour will take you to important locations around the city where important events took place along the years from the time when Hungarians took up arms during the war of independence in 1848, in the ’56 revolution and the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

A local knowledgeable guide in Hungarian History will share with you all interesting details of this important part of Hungarian history and will take you to the iconic Statue Park.

More information on the historical tour….

Castle District walking tour with Danube Cruise.

This tour will take you  on a wonderful sightseeing journey of Castle District in Budapest filled with historic attractions and sights, fascinating museums and spectacular view. Take a walk  along its streets following the shape of the hill while checking out some delightful cafés and restaurants. You will have the opportunity to see the  Castle Theater, the  Palace of the Hungarian President, buildings of the National Library and the National Gallery.  You will ride down on the Castle funicular (  It  was inaugurated  in 1870) to cross to Pest along the Chain Bridge.  Last, you will take an hour boat trip from the Pest side of the Danube.
Detailed information about the Castle District walking tour...

Have a great time in Budapest!

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