Fishermen Bastion

The Fishermen Bastion is a charming fairytail like structure that offers breathtaking panoramas of the Danube and Pest beyond.

It is one of the most beautiful and popular Budapest sights.

In a clear sunny day you will be delighted with beautiful views from the Budapest Basilica, the Parliament, the Chain Bridge, the Gresham Palace and many other remarkable Budapest sights.

During the peak season there is an entrance fee to go up to the upper gallery, the highest point of the Bastion, where the view is absolutely stunning.

The Bastion has seven turrets that symbolize the seven Magyar tribe leaders who entered the Carpathian Basin in the late 9th century and established the Hungarian Nation. The largest turret represents the leader Árpád.

This fantastic structure was built by Frigyes Schulek, primarily as a decorative viewing terrace, simultaneously with the last major renovation of the Matthias Church (1895-1902).

Local history says that in the Middle Ages, there was a fish market nearby and it was the duty of the fishermen’s guild to defend this part of the castle complex, hence the name of the Bastion.

Getting there

The Bastion is next to the Matthias Church, some steps down from Holy Trinity Square. Between the Bastion and the church you will see a statue of Saint Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian Nation.

If the Fishermen Bastion is the first place you are visiting in the Castle Hill, I recommend you to take the Royal Steps (Király Lepcsõ) at Ádám Clark square, beside the funicular. You will have the Bastion with all its splendour above you .The views from Pest getting better with every step you go up are just amazing.

You can also reach this extraordinary spot by bus. Take the Castle bus (Varbusz) from Moskwa ter and get off at Holy Trinity Square.

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