Hungarian Culture

Hungarians, Their Customs and Personalities

The Hungarian people and the Hungarian culture is a fascinating topic and learning something about their traditions and even what makes them tick – will enhance your travel.

It will open your eyes to a whole new world and a culture that represents a life less ordinary – customs and beliefs unlike your own, but all the more intriguing for it.

There are a few features we can look at that are distinctive to Hungarian culture and the mannerisms of its people. It can take some time to get to know a Hungarian on an intimate level or to build strong, deep relationships.

They may appear to be very reserved – but this doesn’t mean that they are cold or not passionate. They may not jump out of the way to give a compliment or to express emotions on any given subject.

Perhaps due to their history and some difficult times in the past – the typical Magyar will plan their life for the long term as opposed to carrying the attitude of ‘living for the day’.

They seek stability and continuation in their life. They are very family orientated and have great respect for their elders and for women.

The Hungarians are a very intelligent race, both scientifically with inventions and mathematics, but also in creative pursuits such as music and literature.

What Customs Do They Have In Hungary?

To know something about Hungarian culture and customs will go a long way when you are communicating with them and joining them in some every-day activities such as dining.

When you first meet someone in Hungary, it is polite to approach them with some formality to begin with or when in doubt. A handshake is the way forward – in any situation and not only when dealing in business matters or more formal situations.

Life within the home is centered around good food and plenty of it! If you are fortunate to be invited to a traditional Hungarian home then accept the food that they offer you with enthusiasm and you can’t go wrong!

It might be accepted well if you were to bring a small gift with you as a sign of appreciation that they have opened their doors to an almost stranger.

Tipping in Hungary follows a similar rule to all European countries – with 10% of the end sum being acceptable. Although, taxi drivers and hair dressers expect to be tipped as well.

Hungarian Festivals

Festivals play a big part in Hungarian culture and you should do your best to attend at least one during your visit. Most of them will take place during the summer months when the weather is more admirable for outdoor events.

Here is a list of some of the festivals in Hungary:

  • Hungarian Fringe and Spring Festival
  • International Guitar Festival
  • Hegyalja Festival
  • Sziget Festival
  • Budapest Festival of Folk Arts
  • Ozora Festival
  • Valley of the Arts
  • Budapest Baroque Festival
  • Budapest International Wine Festival
  • Budapest Contemporary Drama Festival

Hungarian Music and Dance

Traditional Hungarian music is one of the most entertaining elements of Hungarian culture. Despite its size – Hungary has played a major role in the world with classical music and composition.

Liszt and Bartok are names that you will hear plenty of when learning about the influence Hungarian music has had on the world.

Aside from classical, both folk and gypsy music styles are popular and played throughout the country. The capital of Budapest has given way to a new direction – towards jazz and the city now holds jazz festivals in the summer alongside all of the year-round jazz clubs that have made their way onto the scene.

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