Things to Do in Budapest

Looking for things to do in Budapest?

There are plenty of things to do in Budapest, Hungary.This is a city rich in history and tradition that is sure to delight travelers like you who come to visit.

Though Budapest is somewhat small, visitors who are looking for activities to do in Budapest will appreciate the size of this city.

The fact that Budapest is easy to walk makes it more accessible to tourists, which means that you have more of an opportunity to explore the main Budapest sights as well as more obscure locations.

In fact, if you are the type of person who enjoys following popular walking tour routes you will get the best feel for the city.

There are lots of interesting venues to examine, and taking advantage of Budapest on foot will also allow for more opportunities to discover the real Budapest. After exploring Budapest sights, you might want to enjoy the traditional Hungarian Cuisine, there is a great variety of settings, including casual sidewalk cafes or formal dining establishments.

If you are looking for different flavors, Budapest is also home to excellent international restaurants, cafes and bistros which will delight you in the great variety of choices.

Wine lovers can also take pleasure in tasting a great assortment of Hungarian wines in any of the restaurants or wine tasting events that take place in Budapest all the year round.

After a few days of walking the streets and enjoying the Budapest sights, many visitors also choose to take advantage of some of the most famous Thermal Spas in Europe which are located in Budapest.

Public spas were built over the region’s natural mineral springs in several locations, and people from all over Europe visit these spas for both relaxation and medicinal purposes.

In the evening, Budapest comes alive with a thriving Nightlife. If you are looking for night adventures, you can choose from fine arts and theater performances at the Budapest Opera, or enjoy the atmosphere of Budapest Concerts or contemporary nightclubs. No matter what your age or interests, there is something for everyone to do in Budapest.

Another great activity that allows you to explore more of Budapest and the way to tour the city are the many lunch and Dinner Cruises on the Danube River. These relaxing events are a memorable way to enjoy Budapest from a different angle.

Tourists looking for alternative things to do in Budapest might want to consider visiting one of the Budapest Shopping malls and enjoy the real Budapest shopping experience.

If you are keen on discovering unique retail items, in Budapest you will be able to spend hours working your way through different gift shops, art galleries, flea markets and second hand bookstores located all over the city.

These are only a few of the many things to do in Budapest you can enjoy. Seasoned travelers will want to set aside several days in this city in order to experience the best of what Budapest has to offer.

Our monthly Budapest Events Calendar compiles all the biggest events happening in Budapest every month, events that locals know about but tourists might not. Take a look at our Budapest Event Calendar for 2013, you might find something attractive to you while you are in Budapest.

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