Matthias Church

One of the Most Beautiful Budapest’s Landmarks

a0301-xMatyasTemplom.jpg.pagespeed.ic.MaTHi2GOfJMatthias Church (Mátyás Templom) was built in the mid-13th century, during the reign of King Béla IV, but was frequently restored, repaired, and remodeled on Gothic, Baroque and Neo Baroque styles, due to damage caused by the numerous invasions and attacks. However, the church is basically a Neo-Gothic creation designed by the architect Frigyes Schulek in 1873-1896.

Officially named the Church of Our Lady, it is better known as Matthias Church, after the 15th century renaissance King Matthias Hunyadi who had both of his weddings here and greatly contributed to beautify the church during his reign.

The church’s roof is decorated with multicoloured glazed tiles. The interior is exceptional for its stained-glass windows, frescoes, carved stone figures and wall decorations by the Romantic painters Károly Lotz and Bertalan Székely.

Unfortunately, many of these changes were lost during the Turkish invasion, when Turks transformed the church into the most important mosque in Buda.

Opening Hours and Practical Tips

If you would like to enter the church just to pray or to have a moment of peacefulness, you may enter the sacred chapel free of charge. Otherwise, there is an admission fee, which entitles you to visit the church, to take part in a guided tour (starting at certain hours) and to visit the Museum of Ecclesiastical Art.

This museum displays numerous reliquaries, chalices and religious items in general, as well as a replica of the Hungarian crown and coronation ornaments.

a0301-xMatthias-Church2.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4aZ2ry6EJ8For those wishing to visit the church on their own, audio guides are available in various languages​​: Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian and Polish.

When visiting Matyas Templom keep in mind that the church authorities request visitors to keep a respectful behavior during the visit.

To avoid any problems I advise you not to wear clothes that let your shoulders or thighs uncovered, you might not be allowed to enter.

As in any other place of worship, it is also advisable to take your hat off if you are wearing one.

Sunday mass is celebrated at 10 am.

Opening Hours for tourists: Mon-Fri 9-17, Sat 9-13, Sun 13-17

Entrance Fee:
1400 Ft per adult, 1000 Ft for concessions and 3500 Ft. for family tickets.

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