Hotels in Budapest

Accomodation Alternatives for all Budgets

There are plenty of hotels in Budapest and alternatives that suit every budget.

But if you are having trouble with deciding where to stay,or how to find the best deal then you have come to the right place. Here you will find some tips and advice on how to find what you are looking for.

First, I recommend you to choose where you would like to stay, Buda or Pest.

Pest Pest offers you the advantage of being close to almost all the main attractions. A large number of hotels in Pest are located near the most popular tourist attractions, metro stations and trams. In Pest you will also find most of the luxury hotels, four star hotels beautiful apartments and hostels.

Buda offers you the possibility to enjoy a quieter and leafier environment. In Buda you will find a great number of guesthouses and pensions (panzió) and private rooms in small and friendly family run hotels.

Staying in Buda is a great idea ( actually I live in Buda and love it), however bear in mind that if your accommodation is not so near the river you will most probably have to use public transport to get around.

In Budapest, the public transport is a very efficient and convenient service but the underground and trams only work until 11 pm. What’s more, while Pest is well- served by the Metro, there are only three stations on the red M2 line in Buda, so you will be more reliant on buses and trams. There is a night bus service, though, as in Pest.

Second, think about how much you are willing to spend and choose the best deal, according to your budget and interests.

Great discounts are offered during off-peak season (November to March)when accommodation prices might drop by up to 30%.

Luxury Hotels in Budapest

Luxury Budapest Hotels are truly outstanding for their magnificence and splendor. In Luxury Budapest hotels you will find tastefully decorated en-suite rooms with fancy bathrooms with a separate bath and shower, a satellite television, telephone, radio, mini bar, air conditioning, room safe , internet access or a business centre.

The hotels facilities include restaurants, bars and coffee shops, gym, and spa with saunas as well as exclusive shops. Most of them also have swimming pool.

Our Recommended Luxury Hotels in Budapest.

4 Star Hotels in Budapest ****

4 star Budapest hotels offer very comfortable facilities and reasonable prices. Besides having restaurants and bars, many of these hotels have a gym, a swimming pool with saunas, a coffee shop as well as elegant en-suite rooms with air conditioning, room safe, telephone, satellite television and internet access. Most of 4 star hotels in Budapest are located in central Pest, close to major Budapest attractions.

Our Recommended 4 Star Hotels in Budapest.

Inexpensive Hotels in Budapest ***

Inexpensive Budapest hotels offer simple but well equipped rooms with a private bathroom, television and a telephone. Some of them also have air conditioning and mini bars. Most of these hotels have a restaurant and a bar.

We have made a careful list of the best inexpensive hotels in Budapest that offer great value for money, that are in a very good location in central Pest and that are renovated or brand new. Although these hotels offer much cheaper rates than other central hotels they offer modern and good quality amenities and their service is high standard.

Our Recommended Inexpensive Hotels in Budapest.

2 Star Hotels in Budapest ** Guesthouses and Pensions

2 star Budapest hotels and Guesthouses usually offer plainly decorated rooms with a bathroom and a telephone. Some of them have air conditioning, internet access and a television. Although, some of these hotels do not have a restaurant , the room price per night might include breakfast. Pensions and guesthouses are usually family businesses where guests are made to feel at home.

We recommend the following Guesthouses, Pensions, and 2 star Hotels in Budapest:

Budapest Hostels

Hostels in Budapest offer single, double or triple rooms and dormitories with toilets and shared showers, laundry facilities, communal kitchens and internet access.Some hostels offer small en suite rooms with a television and a telephone for very reasonable prices.

During July and August, some university or college halls of residence are used as hostels, which is a very convenient alternative for those who would like to visit Budapest, but whose accommodation budget is limited.

It is recommended to book ahead due to the high demand. These rooms are small and simple. They usually come with 2 single beds, a desk, a shower and toilet.Local travel agencies specialize in arranging this type of accommodation.

We recommend the following Budapest Hostels:

Budapest Vacation Apartments

Staying in a Budapest Apartment is an excellent alternative if you are planning to travel with friends or family and plan an extended stay in the city. These apartments usually come with all the facilities, such as a television, free wifi internet,washing machine, bed linen, towels and a well -equipped kitchen.

We recommend the following Budapest Apartments:

Private Rooms in Budapest

Another low-cost alternative is to rent a room in a private house. You can find this type of accommodation in almost every district in Budapest. These rooms are usually offered with a television, bed linen and towels. Prices range between 15 and 25 Euros depending on the type of room you require , single or double. There are several companies that can organise a private room for you , such as .

Budapest Campsites

There are few places in Budapest where you can camp. These places are usually open from May to the end of September or the beginning of October and are equipped with showers, kitchens, laundry facilities, electric connections and restaurants . Some of them offer internet access.

In Budapest you can find the following campsites:

  • The Haller Camping (Pest)
  • The Romai Camping (Buda)
  • The Zugligeti Camping (Buda)

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