Heroes Square Budapest – Hösök Tere

Heroes Square Budapest and The Angel Gabriel

Budapest’s Heroes Square (Hosok Tere) is one of the major spectacles for visitors to the city and a beloved place for locals year round. The archangel Gabriel rises high above the square, his presence to be seen from some distance before you enter – almost as if he was acting as your guide!


On entering the square you will be overwhelmed by the gathering of monumental buildings and fascinating architecture. Come explore with me and find out why Heroes Square Budapest is a must-see for all.

Why should You Visit the Square of Heroes in Budapest?

Heroes Square is like reaching the end of the rainbow and finding your pot of gold. In reality, Heroes Square is situated at the end of Andrassy avenue and is Budapest’s largest open square.

Just beyond is Varosliget City Park, where most visitors will go after spending an hour or two taking in the sights around the square.

The first point your eyes will be drawn to is the Millennium monument, which soars high from the center of the square with archangel Gabriel perched on the top.

Take a closer look at what he holds in either hand and perhaps you can reveal some of the symbolism and historic importance of his presence.

At Gabriel’s feet you will see further statues that are a representation of the early Magyar tribes who settled in the Carpathian Basin.

Heroes Square Budapest is also occupied by the Museum of Fine Arts and the Art Exhibition Hall – both great architectural forms in the style of neo-Classical and neo-Renaissance respectively.


The Museum of Fine Arts has a great collection of 19th century paintings, sculptures and classical antiquities whereas the Mucsarnok Art Exhibition Hall is committed to contemporary visual arts and a program that is refreshed five to six times throughout the year.


When considering what to see in Budapest, the square is of high historical and cultural importance and will bring you a lot closer to understanding the city and the Magyar nation.

How Can You Get to the Heroes Square?

Heroes Square Budapest is located at the end of one of Budapest’s most important streets – Andrassy avenue and resides just in front of the entrance to City Park in Pest.

The best means of travel is with the metro – take the M1 (yellow line) to Hosok Tere (Heroes Square). I should advise you that the area in and around the square is very busy during the day and great caution should be taken when near to the roads.

You can also come walking along the Andrassy Avenue. This is a long walk but you shouldn’t miss the great architecture of the buildings located on both sides of the Avenue. I suggest you walk half way and then get on the metro (it runs all along under the Andrassy Avenue),then you won’t be that tired once you get to the Square.

A Little Bit of History…..

Proudly standing in the center of Heroes Square Budapest or the Millenium monument was built in 1896 to mark the celebrations of a thousand years since the first tribal Magyars stepped foot in the Carpathian Basin.

Four years after its completion, the monument was awarded the first prize at the World exhibition held in Paris. Further marking its historical importance, 2002 saw the square listed as a World Heritage Site.

Angel Gabriel holds the crown of St. Stephen and at the base of the column are further statues depicting the chieftains of the seven Magyar tribes who arrived here in 896 AD.


There are further statues around the square of various kings and heroes from Hungary’s history.

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