Medical Tourism in Budapest Hungary

Are you interested in travelling abroad for a medical procedure?

Medical tourism in Budapest gives tourists the opportunity to get the best quality of medical surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery and dental treatments at a fraction of the price in the UK, USA, Germany, Scottland, Ireland, Spain or Canada.

Budapest counts with a great number of highly qualified and experienced surgeons working at high standard clinics that provide the best and most modern medical facilities for their patients satisfaction and comfort, English speaking staff and a friendly environment.

Medical Tourism has been a growing industry in Hungary for more than 15 years. It started with people from neighboring countries such as Austria and Germany who chose to have their dental treatments in Hungary for its great quality and very affordable prices.

Nowadays, many people choose to travel to Hungary and take advantage of the opportunity to combine medical surgery or dental implants with a short holiday or city break in Budapest.

High quality medical care at significant lower prices, affordable accommodation, cheap flights and a beautiful city to enjoy make Budapest a great destination for medical tourism.

There are plenty of private clinics, and travel agencies willing to provide you with all the information you need to know to get your medical procedure done and to arrange your accommodation and travel details.

Dental Holidays in Budapest

One of the most developed medical tourism areas in Hungary is dentistry, well known as Dental holidays or dental tourism. Many people looking for an affordable solution to their dental needs consider Hungary as a great option for their treatment.

Hungarian dentists are highly trained and internationally recognized for their professional work and procedures. In fact, Hungarian universities offering dentistry programs are top of the class, the academic level is high and very demanding and they have a great reputation at international level.

Dentistry in Hungary is strictly controlled by government health organizations to ensure that dentists comply with all requirements for their practice.

Hungarian dentists must be fully qualified, have certain years of working experience in each dental specialty. Dentists working in Hungary must be members of National and international dental organizations to get their corresponding accreditations.

Dental Health providers in Hungary also must get 50 hours of follow-up training every year in seminars, conferences or training courses, this requirement ensures that Hungarian dentists are always familiar with latest technologies, techniques and discoveries in dental health.

If you are looking for a reliable place, a highly qualified experienced dentist, a helpful English and German speaking staff we recommend you Avicenna Clinic.

This friendly clinic is located in the heart of Budapest, close to metro stations, tram and bus stops; hotels and shopping malls.

Restorative and cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening,oral surgery and dental implants, periodontal therapy and dental hygiene are some of the services Avicenna Clinic offers to its patients.

Plastic Surgery abroad – Budapest

Hungary has become a favorite place for Europeans looking for affordable quality cosmetic surgery. Top class clinics, excellent customer service, affordable prices and highly qualified surgeons with international accrediattions make Hungary an excellent choice for any type of medical procedure.

The most powerful reasons why people choose Hungary for plastic surgery are:

  • Top quality treatment offered by Hungarian surgeons.
  • Affordable prices compared to prices in other European countries.

In Hungary, prices for cosmetic surgery, accommodation and airport pick up, altogether can be even 50% less than just the price for surgery in UK or USA.

Cosmetic surgery providers in Budapest offer a wide variety of surgery procedures ranging from liposuction to rhynoplasty, breast enlargement, lift or reduction, tummy tuck, face lift, eyelid surgery or intim surgery.

What should I consider when looking for medical treatment abroad?

  • Do a research on the type of procedure you are interested in. Get as much information as you can, advantages and risks of the medical procedure. Also get information on the medical techniques used in the procedure you are interested in. If you are informed, you will be able to ask relevant questions that might help you take the right decision.
  • When looking for the best health provider, compare credentials, look for references and satisfied customers.
  • Compare prices, treatments and overall costs. We recommend you not to choose your health provider on price basis. Do a research first and compare. Plastic surgery and dental care prices vary from provider to provider depending on reputation and experience.
  • Think of how long you want to go away for ? Will you need the company of a friend or family member?
  • Although most clinics arrange accommodation, flights and airport pick up for their patients, some patients choose to do it themselves. There are several budget airlines flying to Budapest from many European cities, a big hotel offer for all budgets and an excellent public transport system.

If you choose Budapest for medical tourism, for either dental treatment, plastic surgery or any cosmetic practice you will also have the possibility to enjoy and relax in a wonderful city while your medical procedure goes on, keep in mind our recommendations and you will find the best choice for your needs.

All the best!

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