Flights to Budapest Hungary

Save Money Finding the Best Fare

Our flights to Budapest Hungary page is dedicated to help you find the cheapest tickets to Budapest.

On this page you will find tips and advice on how to search the best fares with traditional and low budget airlines that fly to Budapest.

In order to find the best deal online you will need to do some research and the best way to start doing so is to compare fares from different airlines.

You can find lots of online travel agencies that offer you the possibility to compare flight prices, schedules and in flight services.

Once you have found a good deal you can book your ticket through the online travel agency or you can go directly to the airline website and look for the same fare. Sometimes airline websites offer promotional rates that might be even better than what travel agencies offer.

Online Travel Agencies are handy and trustful but in case you need to change dates, cancel a service or any other type of help you will go through a long uncomfortable process. Said that, if you find a good deal, I advise you to book your ticket directly from an airline website, it will keep you away from inconveniences.

Useful Tips on Booking Flights to Budapest Hungary

If you are looking for an affordable way to travel, a low budget airline is a good choice. These airlines offer a great number of destinations, flexibility and really cheap fares.

Before you book your flight with a low budget airline, take a minute to read the following tips which will help you to make a better decision when looking for cheap flights to Budapest Hungary:

1. Book your cheap flight to Budapest directly from the Budget airline of your choice. Budget Airlines do not involve third party travel agencies when it comes to bookings.

2. Book your flight as early as you can. If you book your flight at least a couple of months in advance you are most likely to get a better deal than if you wait until the last minute. These airlines sell out seats quickly and prices go up the same way.

3. If time is not a problem, book your flight for cheap travel days.

Cheap travel days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Budget airlines usually offer their best deals on these days. Thursday is also a good day to travel and get a better fare.

4. Read carefully their terms and conditions before you book and make sure you understand clearly their policy.

Budget airlines do not make refund in case you decide not to travel, and do not change travel dates if you want to change the date of your flight. Although, some of them might offer an insurance at an extra cost for these cases.

Low Cost Airlines Flying to Budapest from European cities

There are several low cost airlines flying to Budapest from many European cities. I have compiled a list of budget airlines to help you find the best deal on cheap flights to Budapest Hungary.

Take a look and select the airline that flies from your country to Budapest, click on the link and go directly to the airline website to search your flight.

Wizz Air  l  Norwegian Airlines  l  EasyJet  l  German Wings  l  Jet2  l   AerLingus  l  TUIfly  l   Ryanair  l  

Traditional Airlines Flying to Budapest

There are plenty of traditional airlines flying to Budapest from multiple cities around the world.

When looking for an affordable airplane ticket, keep in mind that traditional airlines also offer hot deals. Since there are several airlines competing to get customers there are always great discounts available and sometimes these deals turn out even better than what you find with budget airlines.

Before buying a ticket, always make sure that the displayed priced includes taxes and extra fees. These discount tickets are usually restrictive, what means that you are not allowed to make any change or modification on dates or time.

Below you will find a list of airlines offering flights to Budapest.

From North America

American Airlines  l   Delta Airlines  l   Air France   l   Condor  l
Swiss International  l   KLM  l   Lufthansa

From Europe

Air France  l   KLM  l   Lufthansa  l   Swiss  l   British Airways  l
Alitalia  l   Austrian Airlines  l  Brussels Airlines  l   TAP

Getting from Budapest International Airport to Downtown

Budget Airlines arrive at Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport (previously called Ferihegy Airport) Terminal 1. This is a small Terminal that handles only budget airlines. Here you can find all the facilities you expect to find in any modern European airport.

A tourist information office, a currency exchange agency, car rental facilities, duty free and souvenir boutiques, coffee shops as well as a restaurant.

Budapest Airport is located 25 km south-east of Budapest City centre. Airport Transfer from Budapest Airport is available by taxi, airport shuttle, bus and metro and train.

Going from the airport to downtown by taxi is the quickest and cheapest way if you are two or more people travelling together. Outside the arrivals area you will find a FőTaxi booth, the authorized company to do airport transfers.

Here you have to tell the address you wish to go and you will receive a receipt with the cost of the ride. It usually costs between 3600 and 5800 ft depending on the city zone you are going to.

If you travel alone, the airport shuttle bus might be a good deal for you. It costs 2900 ft and offers door to door service. Certainly, it might not the quickest way due to the amount of passengers it might have to deliver before you.


The cheapest way to get to Budapest City Centre is taking the public transport. Take Bus 200E from outside of Terminal 1 to Kobanya-Kispest, the last stop of the blue metro line.

From there take the blue metro and get off at Deák Ferénc Tér stop (this is the junction where you can change to the red or yellow metro lines which will take you to several places in the city).

You can buy the tickets for public transport at the tourist information office or from a vending machine at the Terminal.

Travelling by train from Liszt Ferenc Airport to Budapest Downtown is another inexpensive alternative. Outside Terminal 1 there is a train stop where all trains running from Budapest via the Cegléd-Szolnok route stop .

There are trains every 30 min and the trip takes about 20 minutes from the Airport to the Western Rail Station(Nyugati Palyáudvar). Get your tickets from the Tourist Information desk or vending machines at the Terminal.

If you have any question regarding cheap flights or how to get to Budapest from the airport, please feel free to ask me.

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