Facts about Hungary

A Warm Welcome and Interesting Facts About Hungary

There really is no other place quite like Hungary. This is a country full of surprises and with a wealth of history and culture which is more valuable than the material things in life.

The intense music of this nation, the beautiful capital of Budapest with the romantic river Danube running through its heart, the unique taste of its mouthwatering (and at times eye-watering) cuisine.

Welcome to the land of Magyars – the people who strive to keep their culture and at the same time to be accepted in an ever-changing world.

A trip to Hungary won’t disappoint – let us take a brief look at this destination and give you an insight into the facts about Hungary and what makes it so special.

If you are looking for a summarized list of general and quick Hungary facts then take a look at Facts on Hungary.

Where in the world is Hungary?

Hungary is in Central Europe and shares its borders with many countries. To the north it borders Slovakia,Ukraine in the northeast, in the south it shares borders with Slovenia, Serbia, Romania and Croatia and with Austria to the west.

The capital city, Budapest is located in the Carpathian Basin and is split in two by the Danube river. The Hungarian flag is three horizontal stripes – from top to bottom the colors are red, white and green.

What is unique about Hungarian culture?

Hungarian culture varies depending on where you are – with unique features in the different regions of the Great Plains and in the capital, Budapest.

Many of their traditions are linked with their folk heritage such as their decorative arts and crafts and their music and dance style. Classical music has a strong hold in Hungary, as does Gypsy and Roma music.

They have also many talents in the field of literature and especially poetry. Click on the link to find out more facts about Hungary and its culture.

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What defines Hungarian cuisine?

The traditional cuisine of Hungary has a lot of focus on meats such as beef and pork, an abundance in fresh vegetables and fruits, breads and white cheeses which accompany most meals. The use of spices such as paprika, onion and herbs are also an important part of Hungarian cooking. Click on the link to find out more facts about Hungary cuisine.

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What kind of currency do they use In Hungary?

The Hungarian currency is the Forint, which is divided into 100 filler – although fillers are no longer in circulation as their amounts have become insignificant when exchanged into other currencies such as the Euro.

Hungary is in the European Union and will soon be making progress towards using the Euro currency.

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What should you know about the Hungarian language?

The Hungarian language belongs to the Uralic family and has some relation to both Finnish and Turkish – even though these relations are quite distant. Their language is quite unique and can be difficult to learn but out of respect you should try to pick up a few basic words. Click on the link to find out more facts about Hungary and its language.

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What is the weather like in Hungary?

Like most central European countries, the Hungarian climate falls into the Continental climate and has warm summers and cold winters. Humidity is fairly low and rain is common – even with the odd shower on a summer evening to break the heat.

Summertime is the most favored time of year to visit Hungary for its warm days and cool nights.

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