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The Most Remarkable of Budapest Sights

The last thing you will be doing whilst visiting Budapest is staying in your hotel – there are so many remarkable sights and things to do that you will need your best walking shoes on and an eye or two for exploration.

To see everything there is to offer from Budapest sights, you would need a very long vacation – but if time is of the essence then there are some things that simply couldn’t be missed!

I have collaborated some of the best things for you to visit during your stay, so that you can make the most of your time and take full advantage of Budapest’s finest experiences.

What Are The Ultimate in Budapest Sights?

It is never easy to come up with just one or two suggestions when it comes to Budapest sightseeing – everyone has different interests after all.

However, there really are some sights that will meet everyone’s tastes and they will become some of your best memories and help in understanding the city. I will be introducing you to one or two of the premier sights and the most popular in terms of visitor counts.

Following those suggestions, I will give a brief list of some more sights that have a shared interest to many and are part and parcel of the ultimate Budapest experience.

My first recommendation is the Hungarian State Opera House (Magyar Allami Operahaz) which kills two birds with one stone – you have both spectacular architecture and beautiful performances in one visit!

If you want to make the most of your time then you should take a guided tour in English between the hours of 4pm and 5pm. If you are traveling with a larger group then it is recommended to book a little in advance for a tour.

The performances are centered around opera and ballet and run every day of the week – you might want to check their schedule for more information on times for any given day.

Now who couldn’t resist my second suggestion – the Szechenyi Baths. This is one of the best Spa complexes throughout Europe and one of the top Budapest things to do.

Not only do they boast healing waters, but the buildings that house these baths and the surrounding gardens are miraculous – so much so that you will never want to leave! There are twelve thermal baths and three swimming pools – there is even a fun pool with jacuzzi and massage springs.

To get the most out of your visit you will want to book in for one of their specific healing treatments – choose from mud therapies to a range of different massages. There is no denying that this is a Budapest sights for indulgence!

Last but by no means least, the Gellert Hill should be placed somewhere at the top of your itineraries. Partly loved as a historical site and adored for having the best views over the city and the river Danube – this is a must-see attraction for anyone coming to the city.

Although you have to get up the hill, it does only take around ten minutes at a leisurely pace and you will discover soon enough that your exertion was worth it! If you can’t manage the walk, there is always the option of going via bus!

Have a look around the statue and the citadel, but make sure you stay around to watch the sunset and the lights of the Chain bridge – a perfect photo opportunity.

Are There More Budapest Sights To Consider?

Well of course and I could literally spend weeks writing up on all of them! To give you a nod in the right direction, here are a few more sights that are really worth seeing and slotting into your schedule:

What Is the Best Way To Get Around The Sights?

I can’t tell you how great it is to visit Budapest for the fact that everything is accessible by foot and most of the sights are within easy walking distance of each other.

I guess this is why walking tours are so popular here as being the best method to getting around the city and exploring. You can really appreciate Budapest sights and its charming character by walking around at a leisurely pace.

Be weary about taking taxis for convenience as it has been known for some to overcharge tourists! Make sure that the taxi has a company name and a phone number displayed on the body of the car. If walking becomes all too much or if you need to go a little out of the center then take the bus or tram, public transport system in Budapest offers a reliable and convenient service.

Renting a bike is another great choice to go around the city. There are several rent a bike companies that offer all kind of tours. If you don’t want to take a tour it is also possible to just rent the bike for an affordable daily fee.

Major sights such as Andrassy Boulevard, Heroes’ Square and the City Park are easy and fun to explore by bike. In recent years, Budapest has become a cycle friendlier city, more cycle tracks have been added to the network, therefore more people are encouraged to go around by bike.

If you are short of time and really want to see most of the sights I reccommend you try the Hop On Hop Off bus service. It is an easy way to get to most of the must see sights in Budapest.

Have a Good Time!

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