Budapest is a city that breathes history and tradition all around.  You will find plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay in this beautiful city.

In my opinion, Budapest has the perfect size of a city to be discovered and explored  with ease. The main Budapest sights are accessible by walk or by tram traveling very  short  distances in few minutes.

If you have enough time and enjoy walking , you can join any of the various  walking tours offered all over the city.  Walking tours will give you the opportunity to get a real feeling of the city, as well as to discover the original Budapest.

Enjoying the traditional  Hungarian cuisine is an activity you shouldn’t miss while in Budapest.  It is easy to find traditional Hungarian restaurants, cafes or patisseries where you can enjoy original delicacies.  Budapest offers a wide variety of restaurants that will delight you with a great assortment of Hungarian wines for wine lovers.

Visiting at least one of  the thermal baths Budapest houses is another must in your list of activities to do in Budapest. There are plenty of thermal baths in several locations of the city, so it will be easy to find one to your convenience.  Locals and tourists enjoy all year round the benefits of the spring mineral waters that feed these baths.can

If you want to get a little taste of Budapest nightlife, you have plenty to choose from a cultural evening of ballet or theater as well as an Opera night  in the Opera House. You can also enjoy the  atmosphere of contemporary clubs and pubs.

Another  activity not to miss is to take a  Dinner Cruise  on the Danube River. These cruises give the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Hungarian dinner  brightened up with traditional Hungarian  music while  watching a stunning night scenery  s of the city at night.

Shopping when traveling is a must for many visitors, if this is your case, you might  consider visiting one of the Budapest shopping malls where you will find all the international shops you find in any European capital. Beware of shopping malls being closed on Sundays, unfortunately for all.

If you are looking for a more authentic experience and want to discover unique items, you will be able to find several flea  markets, crafts shops, art galleries and second hand bookstores in several sections of the city. One of them is Király utca and its surroundings.

Hopefully this list of activities gives you an idea of what you can do in Budapest during your stay.

Have a good time!

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